Committed to Quality


The team at Legendary Door and Millwork has more than 280 factory stain colors at our fingertips, giving our customers a wide selection of finishes for their door and millwork. Because of our vast selection, customers have a limitless color pallet and the ability to match any color. We use only the highest quality material for finish, so you’ll love the final product, whether you go with a classic stain or a unique solid color.

What Is Finishing?

When you select your door or millwork product from us, our team “finishes” the product, giving it the perfect rich color and texture. We stain the millwork with either a wood-colored stain or a solid color, which helps set the mood and vibe for any room or building.

Why Have Us Pre-Finish the Material for You?

This one is easy…We here at Legendary Doors and Millwork, have been professionally finishing door and millwork packages for about 20 years. Not only do we have the best tools available for the application of the finish, but we also have the best finishers around. We offer over 282 stock semi-transparent colors and can match any color on the planet! Combine those attributes with being able to just drop in and order the material and then have it delivered to the jobsite “ready for installation” and it truly is an unbeatable situation.


With regional, national and global shipping partners, our team can ship products all over the world. Our enclosed delivery trucks cradle the products, keeping the finished doors and millwork in pristine condition, so all finished pieces arrive looking as beautiful as the day they were created.


  • Bighorn Development and Homebuilders Inc. would like to take this opportunity to say that we are completely satisfied with every aspect of job performance provided by Mat Driear and his crew. They are committed to friendly service, possess excellent work ethics and complete impeccable craftsmanship. Our company would – without a doubt – recommend Legendary for your future needs
    Bighorn Development
  • In a continued effort to assemble components of a home in a manner that balances quality and value, Legendary continues to earn our business through consistent delivery of predictable results. Beyond the expectations I have for the quality of their work, they have become dependable for resolving the challenges our projects present. The service they provide us is unmatched and truly appreciated.
    Jason Gerbozie, Owner, J-Martin Builders
  • It's been about 4 years since we got our doors and trim from Legendary. Best price around and premium quality. Trim package was done and delivered ahead of schedule. Absolute pleasure to work with and I will recommend Legendary to anyone building a new home or remodeling. Thanks!
    Cody Wood
  • Legendary Finishes have made so many of my client projects go so much smoother in so many different ways, from returning phone calls quickly to listening to the very explicit requests presented to make my clients happy with their professional finishes. Whether paints or stains, they take the time necessary to do the job right but go out of their way to make it happen to fit the many demanding schedules I have to juggle constantly.
    Sandy Waverick
  • Our company has utilized Legendary’s services for many years. Matt and his crew strive to perform at the highest level of professionalism and quality anyone could ask for. Our company at times is faced with tight schedules, and Legendary always makes our job easy with their prompt and professional service. I highly recommend Legendary to anyone needing great quality doors and trim work.
    Wally Wilkinson, Owner, Frontier Builders at Whitefish
  • I have used doors and millwork from Legendary for many projects. Their products and, for sure, their service is second to none. Having the ability to have the finisher supply the product eliminates one more step and area of possible conflict arising from the quality of the product. Matt and the guys at Legendary are professional and courteous and will provide you with a quality product you will be proud of.
    Carl Glimm, Owner, Glimm Homes